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Shanghai Jiaotong University delegation visited our company for cooperation

At the symposium, Manager He welcomed the visit of the delegation and introduced the history and current development of the company. He also gave a detailed explanation on the company's geographical and human environment , the company's operation and the company's development prospects.  He said that Shanghai Jiaotong University is a well-known institution of higher learning in the country and has strong strengths and advantages in teaching and research . I hope that in the future, I will have the opportunity to communicate and cooperate with Shanghai Jiaotong University. The members of the delegation also expressed the need to strengthen ties and close cooperation, give full play to their respective advantages,  and better serve local economic and social development.
Shandong Jinpu Analytical Instrument Co., Ltd. 
 The leading products of our company, "Gas Chromatograph" and "Gas and Oil Display Evaluator", combine the essence of the same kind of instruments at home and abroad, fully consider the practical, stable, convenient and novel instruments, and achieve a higher degree of satisfaction of users. .  Among them, the gas chromatograph " a new type of automatic ignition device",  "liquid chromatograph broadband scanning technology", "single cylinder injection technology for oil and gas display evaluation instrument"  won 26 national invention patents and new patent certificates.  The patent number is: ZL 2012 2 0285854.5 and so on.
The delegation congratulated the company on its achievements and said that it will closely cooperate with relevant technical research in the future and strive to push domestic chromatographs to the international leading level. We hope that more users will choose domestic gas chromatographs when they meet the demand. Products will also promise customers better products and more professional services.