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Improve the ability of scientific and technological innovation and research and development to create high quality and low price

The latest research report by RESEARCHANDMARKETS shows that the total market size of the global chromatographic instrument market will reach 10.99 billion US dollars in 2022, compared with 2017 , the compound annual growth rate is 6.9%. According to the report, as the safety of food and medicine is intensified, chromatographic detection methods and related technologies are constantly being popularized, thus continuously promoting market growth . However , the high cost of equipment may inhibit the growth of the chromatographic instrument market during the forecast period. Therefore, it is necessary for pharmaceutical companies to develop new types of equipment and to create preferential and practical chromatograph equipment .
With the development of science and technology , the types of chromatographs are becoming more abundant. In the field of rapid development of traditional Chinese medicine in recent years, the application of meteorological chromatographs has become more and more prominent, and the amount of use in the drug approval process has gradually increased. According to experts, the gas chromatograph is a separation and analysis tool for multi-component mixtures. It uses a gas as the mobile phase and a column chromatography technique using a flushing method. The application principle is: when multiple components of analytes enter the column, the partition coefficients of the components in the column are different because of the different partition coefficients between the gas phase and the fixed liquid phase in the column. Different, after a certain column length, the column is sequentially separated from the column and enters the detector . After the test , it is converted into an electrical signal and sent to the data processing workstation, thereby completing the qualitative and quantitative analysis of the tested substance.
The author understands that the qualitative and quantitative analysis results of Chinese medicine have a close relationship with the accuracy of equipment testing. The higher the accuracy, the smaller the detection error. With the deepening of traditional Chinese medicine research and the improvement of automation technology, gas chromatographs have gradually improved in accuracy. The gas chromatograph analyzer with automatic injection function can eliminate the inevitable operation error of manual injection, and is widely used in the detection of various materials , gases, odors, residues, cigarette packets and other related indicators with high precision. Important equipment for gas chromatography analysis and control in industries , research institutes, packaging companies, food and drug industries.
It is reported that the GC1690T single PIP TCD high performance gas chromatograph developed by Shangyu Star Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd. adopts international advanced technology and integrates the advantages of domestic gas chromatograph to develop a new gas chromatograph. The advantage of this device is that it can flexibly select detectors such as hydrogen flame ionization (FID), thermal conductivity (TCD), flame photometric (FPD), nitrogen and phosphorus (NPD), and electron capture (ECD) according to the needs of use. Constant, trace or even trace analysis of organic, inorganic and gas at a boiling point below 399 °C.
After years of development, ion chromatography, liquid chromatography and gel chromatography have also developed rapidly, and are widely used in the detection and analysis of environmental, health, food , pharmaceutical, chemical, water and other fields. A wide variety of chromatographs have played an important role in various fields of production and life .
In recent years, the promotion of global environmental protection concepts, many countries have focused on strengthening measures in the field of environmental protection. For example, countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom have increased their investment in research funding to provide more opportunities and incentives for competitors in the chromatograph market. In 2016, the UK Council for Engineering and Physical Sciences provided a grant of approximately $85 million to health care research (including analytical instruments); in the same year, the US Environmental Protection Agency also budgeted its fiscal year 2016 from fiscal year 2015. The US$452 million has been raised to US$8.6 billion. Coincidentally, as China’s demand for environmental protection, food and drug industries continues to increase, the government has paid more attention to this. The state actively encourages the development of the instrument industry, giving relevant policy support, and in some Encourage the use of domestically produced instruments in procurement projects. These measures have opened up a certain space for the development of domestic testing instruments.
The author believes that although all kinds of chromatographs developed in China have basically met the testing needs of domestic food and medicine, but they are still lacking in innovation . Under the current policy support and broad market prospects, pharmaceutical companies should take the initiative to improve. Independent innovation technology to create affordable domestic chromatographs for small and medium-sized enterprises.