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Which printer is used with the gas chromatograph?

There is no special requirement for the gas chromatograph with any kind of printer. Laser printers and needles are all available, but it is better to use a laser printer. The printed report is better.
Gas chromatographs are widely used in fire investigation, petroleum, chemical, biochemical, medical and health, food industry, and environmental protection. In addition to quantitative and qualitative analysis, it can also determine the physicochemical constants such as partition coefficient, activity coefficient, molecular weight and ruthenium specific surface area of ​​the sample on the stationary phase. An instrument for analyzing and detecting each component in a mixed gas.
In a gas chromatograph, after the sample is vaporized in the inlet, the carrier gas is carried into the column, and the components are separated by a column having different retention properties for the components to be detected, and the components are sequentially introduced into the detector. To obtain a detection signal of each component. According to the order of introduction of the detectors, after comparison, it is possible to distinguish what components are, and the content of each component can be calculated according to the peak height or the peak area. Commonly used detectors are: thermal conductivity detector, flame ionization detector, helium ionization detector, ultrasonic detector, photoionization detector, electron capture detector, flame photometric detector, electrochemical detector, mass spectrometry Detector, etc.