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Full time
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1-3 years
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Junior high school
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2019/01/27 11:06
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1. Publicizing Brands
Salesmen should not only sell products to customers, but also the brand behind them. They should introduce the brand value of products and a kind of brand commitment on the basis of fluent introduction of products, so that customers can not only buy the products themselves, but also buy a rest assured.
2. Product sales
Increase consumers'desire to buy and achieve more sales.
3. Product Display
Do a good job in vivid market, product display and POP maintenance, keep products and sales aids neat and standardized display.
4. Collecting information
Salesmen should take advantage of the advantages of dealing directly with customers and competitors in the market to collect and feedback information to the company in many ways.
5. Drive the terminal salesman or waiter to sell the product well
Salesmen should not only sell well by themselves, but also drive the salesmen and service personnel of terminal stores to sell well their products.